Sometimes you have to be lucky. In my daily search for a ‘digital barnfind’ I encountered a very special find: CRANKHANDLEBLOG. Probably most of you have found this great blog in this way, but for me it was a special day. After visiting automotive related events and people all over the world, since I was eight, this was the first time I realised there are youngsters like me with exactly the same love for the weird, the dusty, and the rusty. Many times I was asked where my dad was when I asked if this was a Briggs and Stratton or a Smith Flyer. There are not too many girls and boys in their twenties who share this crazy hobby. All of a sudden I found one, Rose Atalante. Although not as patinated as vintage cars, she jumped the subject with the fanaticism of a Bugatti Brescia.

I contacted her and she soon… Continue reading



  1. Hello Rosemarjin Atalante, and “Dans son Jus” ! I like the way you start story telling. I may have some story for you in the future …. despite my crankhandle is a “cable” crankhandle, despite my car has no clutch, no gearbox, no back axel, only front brakes and …..is back steering … ( this is for the clues) ; Have a nice thanks giving day . Regards.

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  2. What a great thing to see young enthousiats… May be you’ll become part of the international Yacht-club des avions de la route… an anti club for passionates for all vintage things which are flying, traveling and sailing, or at least trying to do so !

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