by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos

Hello, I am your host for today, and may I present you my next tour around Essen’s treasures. When I was walking between those irresistible automobiles, I found my next holiday location, Osnabrück! This might sound not so exotic, but I found out that it actually is… This is why: a Porsche 904 GTS, Maserati Mistral, Horch 853, Jaguar D-Type, the streamlined Fiat Abarth 1000 Pininfarina Record car and many more from tropical Osnabrück.

The great thing about exhibitions, concours and most of the auctions, especially if I go there with my dad, is that I learn so much. After such an event I realize that I have discovered so many new icons of automobiles and many other exciting cars. Perhaps you forgot, but it was only one year ago when I started my automotive adventure. I had heard of Delahayes, Hispano-Suizas and Bugattis, since we own the first two and always participate in the Dutch Bugatti Club rallies, but back then I thought that was it. So basically almost anything about marques, models, engines and mechanics was all mostly unknown to me. Discovering so much in such a short timeframe is really the most wonderful thing that could happen to me, and I enjoy it like nothing else.

Some iconic cars I learned about are well known, and some a bit more rare. An Alfa 6C 2500 Sport is always a pleasure to see, but what I had not seen before is a Maserati Tipo A6G 2000 Gran Sport by Frua. Or at the Houtkamp collection a well known Aston DB5 and a rare Talbot Lago America of which only 11 were built. You know, I am a huge fan of vintage, but modern supercars or (late) classics are also something I like to focus my attention on, so I guess I like cars from all eras. Somehow only Victorian and Edwardian cars have not appealed to me very much, but maybe that is something that needs to develop? But later classics definitely have my admiration, and I was amazed by the Lambo Diablo GT. Diablo’s seem to pop up in the most weird and striking colors. But even more exotic were some Audi’s. The Avus Quattro Audi’s, of which one strikingly polished aluminum ‘mirror’ example and one Spyder were sort of hypnotizing me. Another supercar that did the same was a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss 2009. This is a limited edition without windscreen, like my Amilcar CGS, and only 75 were built. This Mercedes is inspired by the 300 SLR race car with number 722, which Sir Stirling drove to victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia, as most us know.

So let’s get quickly back to vintage. In front of those Audi’s was a super epic 1926 Bugatti T35, accompanied by a 1921 3 Litre Bentley like I had never seen before. I like very much the Boyce Motometer, and this is a nice accessory to add to my CGS. The 3 Litre and T35 taught me to get one for Amillion’s B-Day party. By the way, seeing that original T35 was a great opportunity to compare some details with those on the Pur Sang replica’s. You really need to look hard to see the differences, but once you know there are many.

This report is really about icons and I must then mention the Ferrari Daytona. This is again a Ferrari I really like so much. Or a Mercedes 300 SEL; my dad told me to look at the speedo meter, which is quite special with its vertical bar indicator. It is a car my dad grew up with, and at that time is was a very luxurious car, I guess it still is. Yet another Mercedes showed a great ‘dans son jus look’, it was patinated by heavy sun and desert sand I think.

Do you want some more icons? Mercedes 300 SL, 300 S (another favorite), BMW 507! But can they beat that special woodylicious boat with outrageous engine? This was quite a spectacle! And talking about spectacles, there was one more Hisso, a Spanish one, a 1914 15-20hp Carrera. It doesn’t look as intimidating as the Hisso’s I am used to, but I can describe it better as a super cute car. Same for the 1928 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 James Young Cabriolet. Cuteness was there in overload, but this didn’t apply for the Vauxhall beast next to an 8C 2300 and a 540K Cabriolet and another 6C 1750 some footsteps away. I am quite nervous when it comes to an 8C, because some are obviously replicas, but others aren’t and which is which? The one I had my doubts about looked a bit, at least for me, too well patinated. My dad showed me some tricks they use when patinating, which differs from true patina as we wish to see it.

As usual, Porsche and Mercedes ruled again at Essen. I think the line-up with all those Mercedes models from the different eras was delightful. My first time Techno Classica was very enjoyable, so let’s see what next year will bring and reveal in terms of special surprises.

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