The content of CRANKHANDLEBLOG (CHB) will mainly consist of unique and often unknown stories about historic/classic cars. This makes it a blog that can be interesting for everybody, both for real car- enthusiasts as well as anybody else who is not yet an enthusiast.

I want to increase my knowledge about these cars, so I also plan to publish articles about the origin of well-known brands, extravagant coachbuilders and the mechanical aspects. CRANKHANDLEBLOG aims, inter alia, to raise the enthusiasm about these special cars as much as possible.

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Dear crankhandler,

I have not posted on the CHB site for quite a while now. There is a reason for that because CRANKHANDLEBLOG evolved, and continues now under the name MACKALANTE. At the new webiste you can find blogs, vlogs and stories as you are used to right here. The vlog part is new thanks to my boyfriend. He is Macksee and I am Atalante, and together we are MACKALANTE. There is an extended story at the new website about how we met and many more nice stuff, so make sure check it out.

I made sure that the new website design looks clear and attractive, but any comments and critiques are always welcome to keep improving. Amillion is having a winter, so a good time dive into great automotive stories till we are able again to seek for some adventure with the red CGS.

CRANKHANDLEBLOG will stay online, but no new posts anymore. I hope to see you at the new website! Click here to have a look at the improved site.





Hi all, thank you for reading the first part of my review of “Technikmuseum Speyer”. This is the second part.

When leaving the first hall, you should turn right. In the narrow space between fence and the building, you can see a few locomotives. In the furthest space, there is a Chinese steam powered one which is really really huge. Some plants, crawling out from the edges, create a still life which contrasts with the massive power of the machine. My favourite on tracks is the German V200 (represented by the successor V220) which looks as if if it had been designed by a comic artist… Continue reading



During my holidays in the wonderful region Breisgau (Germany) and Alsace (France) I made a stop in Speyer, which is located between Frankfurt and Strasbourg. The museum of technology in Sinsheim once built an annex for their exhibits and picked Speyer for the location. It gradually expanded to become another great exhibition, stuffed with cars, planes, boats and locomotives. Even an original Buran can be found there. What is the Buran? I will show you in a minute. First things first.

Before you reach the museum, several aeroplanes on stilts can be seen from far away . Entering the hall after you bought your tickets might overwhelm you, because every single room is stuffed with exhibits: motorcycles are standing between old trains, a WW I plane (Fokker Dr.I) hangs from a wall, a boat is waiting in the left corner of the building, various mechanical organs standing amongst the tons of… Continue reading



2016 was a year full of adventures and great developments, so I am already looking forward 2017, which will be even more wicked!! Let’s make 2017 into a superb automotive year with countless success stories. Best wishes to all of you! CHB will change a bit, because there are very cool things happening here, so soon you will be able to watch my stories instead of reading them…



Next door is Liberty Graphics which makes beautiful silk screened products. We then followed the Moosehead Trail on our way to a picnic lunch in Unity, ME. Unity has become the center of sustainability and the organic movement, with the headquarters of the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association being cited here as well as Unity College. MOFGA and their annual fair are the authorities on all things organic, and the college has developed a strong curriculum featuring green living and sustainability. The Town is also home to a growing Amish population, as we leave town you may spot signs for the Amish Butcher/Charcuterie where you can pick up some… Continue reading



We mee at Lincolnville Beach and take the ferry to Islesboro Island. Maine has over 3,000 islands along the coast, ranging from tiny rocks to full-fledged year round communities. Islesboro is the latter, 14 miles long with 560 year-round residents. Settled by westerners in the 1760’s, by the mid 19th century Islesboro had the largest shipping fleet on Penobscot Bay. By the end of the 19th century however it had become a popular destination for wealthy families from Boston and New York. The large summer homes built in the ‘cottage style‘, are evident today. This summer respite was invaded by the roaring and snorting GP Bugattis… Continue reading



Time to go back to this year’s adventures, one of which was our visit to the VSCC’s Prescott Hillclimb last July. A couple of articles ago I showed you around in Keith Bowley’s Ashton Keynes Vintage Restorations workshops and garage. A most interesting restoration business with a fascinating time-warp machine shop. Directly after that wonderful visit I rushed with my dad to the next restoration workshop, Thornley Kelham Ltd. This was so cool, as a follow up after Bowley’s, because it is a completely opposite world… Going from old school to hyper modern… Continue reading