To prepare for this day, before this joyful event, I already paid a visit the Aston showroom in Wommelgem near Antwerp the day before. I can say that this Aston Martin dealership truly is a great place. The sales team are very nice and take time for their customers. I was impressed by the wall of color options that you can choose for your new toy. Both paint swatches as well as leather for your interior.  There is such a great diversity to create your personalised luxurious and elegant environment. Especially Mariana black, which is a very deep dark blue, so when you take a closer look with the sun shining on it, you can see that it actually is blue. The Astons can also be delivered in two tone. This is something that I love to see, as I am quite a fan of two tone colored cars. Without doubt, this is a great place to visit if you are looking for an exciting, fierce and fast ride.


Many of us will soon go or have already seen the latest Bond movie Spectre, which as usual is full of excitement, new Bond girls, action, fierce Astons and gun shots. I had an even better Bond experience! To get in the mood, the Aston Martin dealer in Wommelgem held a great exhibition party with several iconic Astons in their showrooms. For us petrol heads, the Aston Martin heroes are the true highlights, right? Definiteley for me…


Lets start with the modern icon of this Spectre teaser, an Aston which looks incredibly futuristic. To make it even more extreme… You may have heard about the rumors already… the Spectre star was delivered in a glass truck! Of course I am talking about the DB10, which now tours through Europe. This is a special edition that Aston Martin specifically designed and produced for the movie. Just look at the side mirrors… everything seems to be made out of carbon fibre. The DB10 looks very well proportioned. There are many very fine details and fortunately they did not go over the top. A very futuristic and clean design, a pure piece of automotive art. Ten of these have been made and, as Aston says, not for sale! But I heard rumors that 3 will actually be made for customers, so who knows what will happen. One thing is certain, this super sexy DB10 has priceless looks, that will be cherished forever : )


Other Bond icons were the DBS, Vanquish and last but not least the stunning DB5 of a good friend of mine. To me this DB5 really eclipsed them all, making it the most impressive and iconic star of that night. Just an overload of allure and character. The DB10 will have a hard time to beat this masterpiece of Astons.


Another thing that was a lot of fun, was the race simulator. Very popular with the youngsters of course. For me it would have been even better if the simulator had been programmed with classic Astons… Anyway it was much fun, but like all other circuit games, not easy ; )


All in all a great evening with many nice and interesting petrol heads, champagne and fun. Compliments to the Aston Martin crew at Wommelgem for organizing such a lovely evening with all those automotive Bond goodies!


Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos