The articles found here are categorized under related car-brands and HWV or RAV. HWV shows stories written by my father and RAV stories I have written myself.

My father, Hans Veenenbos, is a great enthusiast/connoisseur of historic/classic cars. The brands Hispano-Suiza and Delahaye especially have his interest. He is a great example for me in this field of interest. He is like and walking encyclopedia regarding historic/classic cars. Someone I can learn a lot from! I am glad to share this interest with him and the fascination of the stories that these cars bring along.

He publishes together with an American the magazine of the Hispano-Suiza Society and has contributed to several books about historical cars and coach builders. It seems that I have acquired my writing skills from my dad.

So the idea to start a blog and write fascinating stories does not come out of the blue. I still have a lot to learn, but everybody has to start somewhere.


5 thoughts on “STORIES

  1. Lovely blog – especially the pieces on the Maharaja cars!
    Would you please ask your Dad, if he has any info on the H6B Chassis 10808 (Maharaja of Rajpipla), or any pictures ?
    Also, is the Hispano at the title of this page an India / Alwar car ? Cheers

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    1. Thanks for your lovely compliment! For sure a great subject to write about, those Maharaja cars! I will ask my dad about that H6B he will probably know and have.The Hispano in the header is not an Alwar car. Please send my your mail address, to exchange details. All the best, Rose


  2. Great Blog Rose,
    It would be a pleasure to welcome you to our workshop and show you round our “toys” sometime
    Best regards
    Historic Competition Services

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    1. Thanks Julian, that sound amazing! I’ll make sure to visit you soon again. Hopefully I can show my Amilcar “toy” then as well 😃👌🏽 See you soon!


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