by Simon Haldy

A while ago the organizer of the Swiss Concours d’Elegance, Mathias Doutreleau, contacted me (thanks to Rosemarijn Atalante) to ask if I was interested to become part of the organizing staff of his new Concours, as a contributor as well as Master of Ceremony. What a great honor, being part of such an important event and furthermore being among so many famous connoisseurs. It was like a dream come true.

Mathias Doutreleau is really a very enthusiastic and dynamic organizer. Many people know him as member of staff of very important concours and race meetings, such as the Quail Lodge, Le Tour de France Automobile and many others. He immediately saw great potential for his Geneva event. With the help of many important sponsors, such as Zenith watches, Watchonista and Rolls-Royce, this first edition of the Swiss Concours d’Elegance was surely to become a success.


And it was. Late on Friday I finally arrived at the castle where the concours was going to take place on Saturday and Sunday. I arrived in the Hispano H6C (powered by an 8 liter engine) of a friend of mine. As we arrived we were followed by a metallic green Miura belonging to the Lamborghini Museum. Looking at a so low Miura from an H6 Hispano is really a magical experience.

My friend was very happy to hear that his Hispano would not feel lonely, since another short wheelbase Hispano H6C was expected to arrive on Saturday morning. An event such as this, which has two Hispanos H6C short wheelbase on show, has to be a very fine one I thought and it all sounded very promising.


The next morning fulfilled all my expectations, so many great cars arrived in the castle yard, offering a fascinating spectacle. Two drophead coupés Bugatti Type 57 (one Stelvio and a recreated Aravis) passed in front of me, followed by a gorgeous 1938 Talbot Lago 150C, coachbuilt by Pourtout, a very rare and unusual 1920 Pic Pic R2, bodied as a torpedo was also there, as well as several Rolls-Royces from all eras (including a completely untouched 20 HP torpedo and a rare SCIII Chinese Eyes by Mulliner Park Ward).


Four Lamborghini Miuras SV arrived to put on a show, dozens of legendary Ferraris joined the party, among them two 250 SWB, a wonderful navy blue 250 Lusso, providing an exquisite sound, two Daytonas (spider and coupé), a 330 and a 365 GTC, all representing Italian driving art.

Two Mercedes Gullwings, a competition Aston DB 4 GT, as well as several other marvels finally parked in the castle gardens. All these cars, arriving one after the other, with their amazing engine sounds which still are going around in my head, created an atmosphere filled with a delicious smell of oil and gas…

More about this amazing concours tomorrow!