by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos

As promised, I will reveal my ‘Best of Show’ of this year’s Techno Classica, Essen. I must say there were several cars that stole my heart, but only one could be the winner.

When I walked up to this incredible speed-machine, I was so impressed that I entered another world. Already from a distance I knew that this was for me THE highlight of the entire show. This 1925 short chassis Hispano-Suiza 8 liter, with factory Boulogne racing body, is just awesome, to paraphrase an American onlooker. Hispano’s are known for their super clean design and outstanding quality, thanks to Marc Birkigt, and like one of my ultimate idols said “this is the best marque technically and mechanically.”

This Hispano-Suiza is the kind of car that excites me, not only because it is so magnificent, but also because of its impressive history. That is one LONG story to tell, but I will soon tell you all about it and, I can guarantee you it will blow your mind! You will immediately understand why this is my ‘Best of Show’ of Essen 2016. Even when talking about originality… this Hisso can beat its opposition. Just imagine a car from 1925 that still wears an original factory racing body from that period.

It is said to have been delivered new to Portugal, where it was discovered in 1967. But what almost no-one knows is that this Hisso was delivered new to the Netherlands. For now let us enjoy this wonderful and legendary Hisso, and dream of owning it… Soon you will find out more about the history, involving some of the shrewdest gangsters who almost succeeded in committing THE crime of the 1920s…

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