by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos

Have you always been dreaming of a rolling automotive museum? Then pay attention, because Athlon (market leader in car leasing and mobility in The Netherlands, see is looking for striking cars to join, especially prewarcars! From September 16th to 18th Athlon will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the ‘Werkspoorkathedraal’ in Utrecht see The event will be quite unique as Athlon aims to show a car from each year between 1916 and 2016 and to show as many different marques as possible.

First the participating cars will be exhibited for the public and of course well guarded, knowing how valuable those prewar treasures are. The Athlon crew will also take good care of the participants who join in this event. Especially the last day will be a great party when all participants are invited to drive the rolling museum rally. Our media partners will capture this moment and you can be part of it, of course all free of charge!

The marques that are still on our wish-list are: Spyker (prewar), Bugatti, Duesenberg, Talbot-Lago, Veritas, classic Maserati and/or Ferrari, modern or classic Lamborghini and all exotic cars you can think of. A Hispano-Suiza would also be most welcome as well as any fine cyclecar! Please have a look at and join our rolling pop-up party!

As judge of this event I am looking for striking prewar cars, so who will join me and Amillion during the tour of the century? You can register at

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