Wait! We start with a mini quiz. I am sure you noticed this many times, as it has been sitting there already for the past 8 months since CHB popped up on the world wide web. Guess what the marque is of the spooky-like automobile in the banner above every page…

Dear readers, this article will be about you! We, RAV and DSJ, want to thank you so much for visiting and reading our stuff, we appreciate that truly so much. As I, RAV, am writing this, I thought today would be a good time to put some people in the spotlight, because what would CHB be without its incredible readers, of which some very loyal ones that follow my craziness from the beginning.

For the readers that are new to CHB, this blog does exist for 8 months now. A girl that is crazy as … about cars, started this blog, and that would be me, Rose Atalante : ) I started this blog when I was not that active in the car scene yet. I wanted to share a very special story from my dad for a long time already. After a while I thought, lest do THIS! I will just start a blog to share such great stories. Click here to see the story that was the actual reason to develop this blog. After writing lots of articles, reports and some stories, I gained much knowledge already. The other thing that grew were the visiting countries… Today the counter sets some 101 countries from all of the worlds continents. Just because all of you, and the other great petrol heads (with high octane level in their vains) we share this passion with.

Next to the great stats of CHB, there is one other thing that I now really feel like incorporating into my blog… New ideas to involve this crazy place on the web. No progress is no succes, so lets see what the plans are. You know I started this blog by myself, that is great, but… To make progress, I needed another and fresh vision. That is why I invited DSJ to accompany my in this process of development. And what is better then having a team to work with! The team is small though, so every positieve input is great. Something that is on the ‘to do list’, is giving CHB some great ambassadors. There is more on the ‘to do list’, you will find out more about that in future : )

One plan has already been activated, guest writers with some damn good stories, like the last stories of a Lake find, which seemed an enormous succes! Everyone is welcome to share great stories, as CHB is becoming a bit of a platform to share amazing experiences with the old, the rusty and the dusty, as DSJ would say : ) If you have another great idea of sharing something, I will be very pleased to have a look at it.

Any ideas and comments are welcome, so feel free to share your vision and ideas with CHB, even if it sounds like madness!

Enough for now about CHB itself. Tomorrow this place will seriously rock again with a tour… Make sure to bring your sunglasses, because we will be automotive tourists again. Where the journey will take place? Cliffhanger…! ; )

Let’s close this evening off with a gallery of more madness, just for the sweet dreams! Dare to dream and dare to try out something new : )

Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos