For now a little newsfeed in-between… I like to share with you the great atmosphere in petrol head world! It is not long ago since I became very active in this scene, but from the very first moment I noticed something fascinating… It seems to be a world that is so nice, with people who are very happy to become friends with you, share the same great interests and mostly have fun with each other and the cars! So far I haven’t seen any envy or unfriendliness… Perhaps because I am a nice young girl? ; )

Also on FB there were some surprising developments! It almost looks like, even if you don’t know someone, if you are a petrol head you become instantly friends. I just added some people who appeared interesting and other people did the same! I started chatting with some of those unknown friends and guess what? I call them now friends, especially a very nice Teal owner. He lives just a couple of kms away from where I am. After a lot of chatting about the great interest we all share, he visited us at home with his great Teal! Also his friends joined with a gorgeous MG TD and usually they also bring the Bentley… but sometimes the cars suffers a problem, just like us… The flu you know ; ) Takes just some recovery time, in this case a new valve spring! The owner of the Bentley and a good friend of him are true craftsmen. They manufacture special parts for Bentleys and Rollses! That is what you can call interesting people!http://crankhandleblog.com

After an extended tour of our garages, we started the engines and it was time to hit the road! The owner of the Teal, Hans, even let me drive his great car! It was such a fantastic experience! With the powerful 6 cylinder 2.5 litre Triumph engine, bomber exhaust and overdrive, you make everyone awake! What a sound, it is even better than music! I was enjoying that ride the most! These are THE days I love, just incredible! Some may critique the Teals, but let everyone have his (or her) own opinion about such cars. If you have a lot of fun with a Teal (it drives superb) and you don’t pretent it to be a real Bug, then what is wrong with that? Come on, this passion is all about the pleasure and fun… forget for one moment the money, unless you have to make a living by trading vintage and collectible cars ; )http://crankhandleblog.com

I am always glad to meet interesting and enthusiastic petrol heads! Feel free to connect with me on FB, mail or just leave a comment. I shall be glad to share my interests with you and perhaps hear about your own adventures and stories!

I have some great stuff for you in store, so stay tuned! A little hint, Austria and CGS… just to name one subject! : )

Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos


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