No, they won’t offer you a crashed Miura that is still lying in the abyss. What they do offer? Just continue reading and you will find out.

If you have been following CHB for a while now, you will probably remember that once upon a time… Some nut heads pushed a Miura P400 off a cliff with a bulldozer! Click here to see the scene. This sounds like madness, because who would ever destroy a Miura on purpose? While digging a bit further into this crazy story, it appears that two cars were used in “The Italian Job”, which seems obvious. The car pushed off the cliff was probably a mock-up. If you have ever seen the 1969 movie, you’ll probably never forget this shocking scene. The scene adds to the extra thrill that attracts so many enthusiasts to collecting the Miura, next to being a factory original P400 Bull of course.

This legendary orange supercar was acquired not long ago by Iain Tyrrell from Cheshire Classic Cars (one of the 5 owners since it left the factory in 2 July 1968), bought after having lain for a long time hidden in an underground car park in Paris. And now you can become the new owner, if you are prepared to pay a good price. Miura’s fetch mostly around the million, so this movie star will probably be priced in excess of that. Especially considering that its condition is near-mint. The proof…? It has only driven around 11,800 miles since it left the Lamborghini Works! The ‘second series’ P400 with 1mm thick chassis is in very good condition, almost totally original except the new engine block which was fitted due to a hairline crack, but the original matching-numbers block comes with the car. Also the paintwork has been refreshed maintaining its original color.

P400 with chassis number 3586 appears in the opening minutes of the iconic movie. What makes it even more special, is that this one is one of only three ‘Arancino (the orange color) Miura’ cars built in 1968. Even the interior is special, as it is the only example with the smooth white Pelle Bianco leather seats. Seats of a well preserved car that won’t disappoint you ; )

Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos