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by Yvo Alexander

Dear Ferrari 250 GTE friends,

In total more than 20 Ferrari 250 GTEs from 8 European countries shall be present 8, 9 and 10th of July for the Third International Ferrari 250 GTE meeting, during the fabulous Le Mans Classic 2016 event. Ferrari 250 GTE and 330 America owners are invited to join us. You can apply by sending a mail to:

David Wheeler from the USA, Editor for the 250 GTE Register & Newsletter, is coming over to Europe for the international event, and shall join me in the Netherlands for the drive to Le Mans and back.

The Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 was officially announced at the Paris Motor Show of October 1960. But several months prior the 250 GTE served as the course marshal’s car at Le Mans back in 1960. Even though it was never designed as a racing car, the roots of the 250 GTE were clearly seeded in competition.

P.S. For the 250 GTE or 330 America owners that have not made up their minds as yet to join the Third International Ferrari 250 GTE meeting at the famous Le Mans racetrack in France, a few more entries are still possible – but do not wait to long.


Please forward this invitation to any Ferrari 250 GTE or Ferrari 330 America owners you may know.

In cooperation with Peter Auto (the organizer of the Le Mans Classic 2016) we have managed to prepare a unique package for the weekend. Click here to discover more about the Le Mans Classic 2016 “Ferrari 250 GTE Club” package. 

In 2014 at the Second International Ferrari 250 GTE meeting in Apeldoorn (Netherlands), some 15 Ferrari 250 GTE and 330 Americas from all over Europe were present for what was an impressive display of our favourite tipo Ferrari.

This year the plan is to beat the previous records and exceed your expectations. Hereby we would like to invite your Ferrari 250 GTE or 330 America, the driver and your passenger(s) to attend the Third International Ferrari 250 GTE meeting to be held during the Le Mans Classic 2016 weekend in July.

Our aim is to gather a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 35 Ferrari 250 GTEs during the Le Mans Classic 2016 weekend, so hurry up! Click here for a little flashback of the previous meeting.

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