Have any of you noticed my first article on PostWarClassic? Make sure to check it out by clicking here! Luckily the owner of Prewarcar/Postwarclassic appreciates my youthful and fun way of writing, so he challenged me to start writing some articles for his amazing site, I feel honored to do so. My first article was about the Brussels Interclassics exhibition earlier this month. Joris Bergsma, the owner of PWC, wanted me to look for the weirdest car at the event, the result can be found here.

From now on I will write an article each week for him, which will mostly be published on Wednesday. I suppose most of you already know the website – if not, shame on you! PWC has also played an important role in my life, because I found my Amillion car (my great Amilcar CGS) on PWC, which is one of the best and most important, if not the best, advertising and sales site about collector’s cars on this planet. Take a bit of time to explore the site and feel free to register as a member, which will allow you to place a car or parts ad, both when selling or wanted. The parts section (see Parts & Stuff) has many new, often unique, parts advertised each day, and you will experience that the setup is very user-friendly, as is buying and selling parts as well as cars.

There is one very nice ad about Vespas, which you will see by clicking here.  About the advertiser… He is soon going to announce a nice surprise here on CHB… : )

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