Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos

Dear CHB reader,

Today I planned to write you the last part of the Barnato story, but I need to clear up something first.

As many of you know, I am a young Atalante, who started this blog less than 8 months ago as a rookie with VERY little knowledge. This blog is among other things for me a way to learn as much as possible about vintage- and classic cars, especially because I enjoy exploring such fantastic automobiles! I am so enthusiastic, perhaps a bit too much, that I now found that I also make errors, like many others do, and I am not ashamed to admit this. That’s how a Bugatti 57S behaves, sport stands for speed…

As I publish every day with pleasure (every day is challenging), I now see that the quality of the CHB articles is not as good as I wish. I have focused much more on quantity, rather than quality. A good example is the Barnato story. I wrote those stories to get to know more about the Barnato history, which was quite tricky, since I am writing about a subject that I am not familiar with whatsoever, in ONE day… This isn’t easy, not even for the experienced connoisseur.

The Barnato history is complex, and there are many versions of the story. Everybody tells something different. Excuse me for the errors I made. I am in a learning process and I gladly accept criticism in order to expand my knowledge base.

Discovering this wonderful world, is what I love to do the most. I am determined to acquire more knowledge, and to spend most of my time on this great hobby. I am very open-minded, and critique is the best recognition you can give me. I am always happy to learn, and the hard way is the best and most effective. I gladly put my pride aside for my biggest love and that is cars.

I will try to write the 3rd part of the Barnato history asap, which should be the best part with lots of roaring prewar racers, but first I will do more research before publishing. I will still post regularly, but not necessarily each day. I am about to start my apprenticeship with Octane Magazine NL. To have enough time to focus on my new adventures, and to keep on developing myself, I need to focus. I also need some time for my contribution to other publications, e.g. PreWarCar/PostWasClassic, the Louwman Museum newsletter, etc.

Rookie Rose Atalante needs to make the next step, the step to get to a higher level. Good is not good enough, I want perfection and that is my next challenge, however hard that is to achieve… By the way I like this quote someone told me; “As a racer we learn that slowing down a little makes you faster”. Now get back to work, crank it up again!

To prove to you that CHB is worth reading, and is about good content, I will tell about myself tomorrow… An UNKNOWN story about a true Atalante barn find, this story was waiting for a good moment to publish, and I believe this is the right moment. A story about myself is a joke obviously, although I am an Atalante and a kind of barn find, because I was hidden for many years ; )

Below the beauty and elegance of two 57S Atalante Bugattis. The first one is a breathtaking 57SC. The second one is a photo my dad and I took at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in 2009. A 57S, which brings lovely memories.