It is great to see some action caused by a CHB article. Barn finding is something that is so intriguing for most of us, a special dream we are all looking for. Sometimes this dream becomes reality, but the next question will be, will your dream actually come true, or will it become one of the most disappointing experiences in your life. I suppose this last possibility will have been experienced by many…

My father used to look for barns a lot, with the hope of finding that old rusty and dusty treasure, mostly Buagttis. Like the story I shared with you titled ‘La clinique des chocs and the Russian princess’ (the very first article on CHB). To find that special sleeping beauty is just the jackpot in a lottery, especially in the time we live in now. I very much believe that unknown barn finds don’t really exist and if they do, it is a real miracle on earth. Most of the time there are people who know about the barn find, but their lips are sealed ; ) Once in a while a true unknown barn find pops up after having lain hidden after closed doors and mysterious walls for a long long time…

Here is just such a story from one of our CHB readers, who came up with a great photo of a P400 Bull and a short story of a great icon of a car that was found as a wreck. He once wanted to purchase the car and he is now prepared to tell the story of this mythical Miura. It is about a Miura P400 that was kept hidden in a basement since the 70s…!

This Lambo, which is one of my absolute fave postwar classic supercars (as you might already know after my Miura week) was sold from Germany to Sweden in the mid 70s after having been found in bad condition. Its existence was not totally unknown, like with the Baillon collection. The seats plus some instruments were gone, probably stolen by the ones who knew about the car, or just by some vandals.

After it left to Scandinavia, the Bull was registered in Sweden, but remained out of sight for a long time after it was parked somewhere in Stockholm. The man who had imported the P400 gave it to his son who started an intense restoration. He sadly didn’t finish the restoration and the car remained in pieces, as is too often the case with amateur restorations. Everything is taken off the car, stored in boxes and then the wife starts to grumble about her man spending all his free time in the garage instead of giving her attention.

The man who shared this story with me, got in contact with the son a year ago. He learned that there were thoughts of selling the Miura, but a bit too much over his budget. Like I said, some dreams can become terrible disappointments. It is believed this Miura was sold to a man who owns several collector sportscars and that it is now being restored. A great example of a barn finding story of a magnificent P400 with matching numbers, 0.9mm gauge chassis, original tires, etc. Its original color was… white!

Thanks for sharing this story dear CHB reader : )

These are the stories CHB loves, so if you have a nice barn finding experience too and would like to share it, please don’t hesitate! If you don’t want to, I understand, some stories just shouldn’t be shared yet… ; )

Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos