To keep you posted, a short report of today’s journey to the Bonham’s Frederiksen auction at Ebeltoft in northern Denmark… a bit unexpected. Tomorrow, the 26th of September, will be THE day of the incredible Frederiksen auction, and yes I will be present as CHB Press ; ) Nice start of my career! But first some 925 km to get there. No problem for me because I love to be on the way, no matter how far it will be!

My dad learned me to drive without navigation (except cities), so this was a good test and it went well, as it was also the first time I drove this far in my car on my own. I must say, with some good stretches, it was one big party on the road circuit! ; ) I LOVE the German roads! They are fast and more risky, exactly the way I like it! It is very different from driving in the Netherlands as well as in Denmark. One moment the car in front of you goes at 200+ km/h and the next moment he puts the brake to the floor to come almost to a standstill when there is a 120 km/h sign! So I soon learned that you can go as fast as you want (legally), but you need to adhere to the rules and the law and that requires constant alertness!

Since I was going quite fast, I missed an exit at Hamburg, causing me to see a major part of the city center! I met a few classic cars (postwar) there, two Fords Camaro and a Buick. Another beauty I am always glad to see is the Maserati Gran Turismo. I know this is a modern supercar, but I expect it will be a collectible of the future. And the last fun cars of the day were two Beetles and actually Herbies! Almost forgot to mention a classic Mercedes, also postwar.

Altogether I enjoyed this day very much, a nice adventure! Driving, especially at higher speeds, combined with great roads, is something I can do all day long, as I did today.

To end this nice day I landed at the magnificent Hotel Koldingfjord in Denmark. If you ever come to this area, then I really recommend this place! A gorgeous mension with a courtyard which is also VERY beautiful… Everyone speaks excellent English! The surroundings are very calming, because the hotel is located next to a wonderful Fjord with even a classic ship in it! So a great place to sit back in my temporary office and write you this nice short report! http://crankhandleblog.comhttp://crankhandleblog.comhttp://crankhandleblog.com

If you are organizing a nice vintage or classic car event and you want me to report about it on my blog, then you know where to find me! Next week I will give you two more reports of GREAT events, first the Grande Opening of the brand new Vanvooren Museum of Martin Waltz (who is an incredibly nice man!) in the south of Germany. Upcoming weekend I will also join some other great people I know from the Bugatti Club Netherlands at the race circuit of Zandvoort near Amsterdam! A lot of GREAT things to look forward to. : )

To make a nice end to this story, I was walking around a bit to see the wonderful Fjord and with full moon shining on it, including the ship, I found on my return this very weird elevator with red carpet… To me it looks like the entrance to Wonderland! Who knows, perhaps I have become Alice! If you never hear from me again than you know what happened… The last pic reminds me of the Space Mountain in Disneyland : )

Click here to see the wonderful cars that will be auctioned tomorrow! I also want to thank Peter Larsen (who writes incredible books) and the Bonhams crew for giving me to opportunity to experience this GREAT event!

This report is also a bit of an introduction to the vlogging which is on my list as a future project! Let me know if this is amusing to you next to the informative articles! : ) Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more pics!

Written by Rosemarijn Atalante/Alice Veenenbos http://crankhandleblog.com


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