http://crankhandleblog.comMah Ha’Inyanim? Today we head back to the gangster-scene! This great Funès movie, titled Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob, is about Victor Pivert (like Woody the Woodpecker) who gets himself into some big trouble in the underworld… Click here for a short impression, or here for the full movie, which I highly recommend! By the way Pivert a is great driver, safety at all times, as you can see HERE! : )
 The story starts in New York. The real Rabbi Jacob is going to visit his family in France. On the way to the airport they get stuck in a terrible traffic jam, but Rabbi’s mates know how to solve that, resulting in a yellow 1962 Checker taxi cab hovering over the other cars in the jam…
http://crankhandleblog.comThe true automobile-star in this movie is Pivert’s black 1970 DS 21 with boat on top of the roof, which is really useful at a certain point, after the gum pool party! Click here to see the gum pool party and here for a sailing DS… This is the part where Pivert gets involved with some real criminals from the Farès gang who will chase him and his ‘friend’ Le President Slimane for the entire movie. If you want to know what happend on the pic below (POTW worthy), click here to see. Also see Farès’ Peugeot being ripped apart at a filling-station…
At the airport, in the men’s room, Pivert and Slimane assault Rabbi Jacob and his mate and put their rabbi-clothes on in an attempt to try to escape from the police as well as the Farès gang, who are both now after them.
Pivert, now dressed as Rabbi Jacob, and Slimane succeed in making their way to the Jewish quarters of Paris where there are some really hilarious scenes. The end is one of the best parts, with Pivert’s wife going around in circles at full speed (there is a mechanical problem with her car, a black 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood 75) on the square where the party has already been waiting for hours for the blessing of the Church of their daughter’s marriage… just the most amazing end!
Almost forgot the epic ride with Pivert and Slimane on a 1972 Kawasaki 100 through dense Paris traffic, ending in a crash in a Metro station!
FIN! Piverts words to end this story “YO, Shalom!”
Just thinking about next week’s theme, so that is still a surprise! By the way THIS site is incredible!
Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos


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