After Artcurial’s auction of the wrecks from the Baillon collection last February, Bonhams will sell end September the incredible collection of 48 cars from the Frederiksen collection. This time not a heavily neglected collection, but a ‘PERFECT’ one, with emphasis on perfect!

http://crankhandleblog.comThe auction will take place in the old summer home of the King of Denmark, Lyngsbækgård Manor, which is the full time residence/museum of Henrik Frederiksen. By the way this property is believed to be larger than Monaco!

The Bonhams auctioneers made a beautiful video of the $40-million collection, make sure to watch it by clicking the link here: the Frederiksen collection

Watching the video it seems that Henrik is not entirely sure about his decision… He literally said this when he saw his collection for the very first time lined up outside his wonderful property; “So maybe I should cancel it, to sell, because I think it is so beautiful”. He made a good point here! But this is what he has to do. The successful businessman and selfmade multi-millionare is going through a difficult time in life after the unexpected death of his wife some moths ago. The cars carry a lot of memories with his wife, so to close one chapter and open another he has put the majority of his collection up for sale: 48 out of 60 exceptional cars.

Most of the cars are pre-war, with a lot of Bentleys, RR and Americans like Duesenberg and Packard. There are many other wonderful cars, including a Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster and Rolls-Royces 40/50 Silver Ghost. I specifically mention these with reference to earlier articles on about these cars.

Henrik has been collecting since the age of eighteen and it is clear that he cares about his cars, because they are all in the most perfect condition! He is not sad about his decision, like his long-serving and tattooed resident mechanic, who says he can finally retire. The cars gave him a lot of pleasure and he is sure that the next owners will experience that too. He promises perfect cars that you can drive within the first seconds after purchase. You might want to have that warranty written down, just to be sure ; )

I have saved the best part to close this newsflash. The Hispano-Suiza H6C…, a car shown in the beginning of the video. That car immediately caught my attention, because to me it is very special beside very beautiful! This car was once on our driveway. A good friend owned it at that time and I was lucky to see this stunning car during a visit to our home! Next to Hispano-Suiza one of my other favorite car brands is Delahaye.http://crankhandleblog.comI hope for Mr. Frederiksen that he will enjoy the new chapter in his life as much as he has enjoyed collecting cars. Only 12 will stay… I can’t even afford one!

Classic Driver made a nice article about this collection too, you can subscribe for their fantastic newsletter by clicking this link!

Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos


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