Dear crankhandler,

I have not posted on the CHB site for quite a while now. There is a reason for that because CRANKHANDLEBLOG evolved, and continues now under the name MACKALANTE. At the new webiste you can find blogs, vlogs and stories as you are used to right here. The vlog part is new thanks to my boyfriend. He is Macksee and I am Atalante, and together we are MACKALANTE. There is an extended story at the new website about how we met and many more nice stuff, so make sure check it out.

I made sure that the new website design looks clear and attractive, but any comments and critiques are always welcome to keep improving. Amillion is having a winter, so a good time dive into great automotive stories till we are able again to seek for some adventure with the red CGS.

CRANKHANDLEBLOG will stay online, but no new posts anymore. I hope to see you at the new website! Click here to have a look at the improved site.




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