Especially for you a fine design of an artful Christmas card by CHB’s NYC correspondent. The car shown is a Bugatti Royale with chassis number 41121, the Weinberger cabriolet. The buildings are on rue Robert Mallet-Stevens, Paris 16.

The magnificent #41121 was painted very dark green or black at the time and to be honest, it was never there on rue Mallet-Stevens. That would have been extremely difficult, since there’s no room for this massive piece of art between the buildings. Just a wonderful fantasy, isn’t it?

CHB wishes you a Merry Christmas! Are some of us perhaps inspired by yesterday’s story? Who will spend Christmas on the road with such an equally great challenge? Perhaps a nice stunt that CHB will plan for next year, as you might have noticed your editor would be mad enough for it (and so does Amillion)…! ; )

Btw, no worries, CHB will continue to publish during Christmas, so tomorrow there will be a nice present waiting for you, that is how I like to surprise my readers.