As said before, I find it my task to light the automotive fire in the hearts of youngsters, and today I think I can do that with a very interesting video. Step by step I will teach you how to do it and energize you to join us! Even without grease on your face and inhaling oily fumes you will sense the excitement of an era almost 100 years ago now. I advise to also watch the video if you have already joined our hobby – it will remind you why you started all this.


Most hobbies have things in common. Some people dress up as superman every weekend, organize real life battles in Napoleon outfit, or play soccer in their Christiano Ronaldo jerseys. Becoming heroes of the past or present, to forget the worries of daily life is truly relieving. Other people start off-piste high altitude ski-ing, deep sea scuba diving or sky-diving. Adrenalin causes a natural sense of feeling high and makes time go by faster. Yet another group of people choose to go fishing, play chess or watch two movies a day. The focus on a single subject makes you forget that you still have to complete that assignment, or the problems you have with your boss.

But what if you want it all? If you can’t choose between them? What if you want to become a past hero, experience an adrenalin high and work on something with great focus? Vintage cars can help you with that!

You may think “what heroes is he talking about”? How can you feel adrenalin with a car that has only a tenth of the horse power of my dad’s SUV? Is it possible to do mechanics on a car? Don’t you need a special laptop for that?

Well, just watch this video and I look forward to meeting you at Goodwood next year!

Written by Dans Son Jus