During my apprenticeship at ERK Automobiles, I will visit many wonderful workshops. It is great to see the differences between different workshops and of course to meet the people who run those workshops. This week I visited a great place near Amsterdam, Track Motortechniek (engine technique).

This workshop is specialized in engines, and they are dedicated to looking into all the mechanical aspects. Click here to take a look at their website. They write about and explain many mechanical issues, which is very helpful, even if you don’t have any trouble with your car ; )

As shown in the photos, they have quite a number of professional machines of which one is especially impressive and very vintage looking. Next to those machines, what you see is loads of crankshafts, engine blocks and everything else you can think of, related to an engine!

Upstairs I took a look at their workshop-shop… They have a little store which contains everything you need for a perfectly running engine. Doesn’t this sound like heaven? Just by looking around and talking with the people there you can really tell that this is a place where they do very fine work. I also like to mention that it is great to see that in most places I visit I meet young people working in this trade, which is really great.

In their office I also noticed something really very special… It appeared that this revision and tuning workshop has supervised the Nuon Solar Team. Perhaps you have heard of this race and the very special racers, powered by sunlight. Dutch students developed this special solar car, but to make sure it would be successful and competitive, this workshop did all the tuning. The Solar car is for sure a nice subject to write about on CHB.

To sum things up, it was again a great day going out and visiting as an automotive tourist. Off I am to the next workshop! If you have an interesting workshop yourself, feel free to invite me. I love to see as many places as possible : )

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Written by Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos