by Rose Atalante Veenenbos


Some of the pitstops were quite interesting. One of them was a visit into a now defunct Belgian mine, for the ones who dare to overcome their claustrophobia. When in the elevator to descend in this earth, you feel like a prisoner with a death sentence. When in the rusty, cold, wet, and creepy tunnels we heard the stories from an ex-mine worker. It was impressive to see, but most of all to imagine how bad the circumstances were when our spokesman was still a miner. Only imagine to be underground all day with a noise that makes you feel like a lunatic. Even horses were down there and once they were, they did not come to the surface anymore until they had died. Quite a sad situation. There was some equipment left in the mines, like a drill, producing a noise like hell. After this experience even the C6 racer sounded very quiet and sage.


More spectacle was to come, but first the route passed along the Spa Francorchamps circuit. We only got a small view of a bend in the circuit, but still great to be at such a legendary place, but not too long because Amillion started feeling a bit sick. The poor CGS had some issues, but luckily there was a rescue team, or actually several. One of them, the Wizard of the flying CGS dragon Coupe. Luckily we have several great experts in the club, so Amillion was reanimated and ready to rock again.

After we had a fine lunch in the caves of an old monastery, some of the organizers must be a cavemen because on the last day we also had lunch in a cave, the weather Gods started to challenge us. For the luxurious drivers there was a shortened route, but then you were missing out the best part… I am like a fish, so the rain was very cool. Just put a helmet and goggles on and off you go! My dad was trying to change my mind, but no way to take the short route. Driving in the rain is great, especially without windscreen.

As fish in a sporty shaped bowl we arrived at a small airport. It was still raining cats and dogs! Which was very sad, because the planes did not fly due to the bad weather. As soon as I walked into the big hall with aircraft marvels, a new world was discovered. I negotiated a bit with one of the aircraft owners to swop ‘vehicles’. My dad did not allow me to make the trade, so I have put flying on my wish list for now. In the middle there was even a special vintage aircraft, though it was a replica, it was very impressive to see an old training plane next to a new one. After I had left, of course, it stopped raining and the planes went into the air. How unfair that I missed this event.


We almost made it to the hotel after all those 220 km, but just a few kilometers before I reached the finish of the day, Amillion fainted. The magneto is not really like a fish, which was probably the problem, so Amillion arrived like a diva on a trailer at the hotel. It was a long and great day and the evening was just about to start, again until the late hours.

The last day there was a nice program, but like some others the magneto’s were not very kind to us. I am very impressed by the community of this club, because when having trouble there are always many who will help you back on the road. It was so sad for Amillion, that my dad and I trailered her to the last lunch of this magnificent event. Those who had not gone home yet, were sent into a cave again for a well deserved lunch. Some great speeches and as usual a lot of chatting. By now I have gained my reputation, the crazy girl who wants to pass and race. My dad and I had great fun and Amillion was a bit tired but very satisfied. We are looking forward to the next cyclecarist event! The only small point of critique is that this time the famous Bowley Boys didn’t give a performance, so I expect a Broadway show the next time…

Inspired by the Buggatists who always toast with their special slogan, VIVE LES CYCLECARISTS!

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