Just some other POTWs! Denmark was a wonderful trip for me and to return some of those lovely memories… We take a look at the Frederiksen collection that was to be auctioned by Bonhams in some more detail! For sure the automobiles were looking very Pebble Beach worthy, but if we look at those cars thru a different eye… the eye of my camera, the lens! To me, when I look back at the pics I made, the best ones are those of the details! To get to the point, details can make or break a car!

Of course this is something that has to do with personal taste. In my opinion, luxurious cars can handle a fine and shiny restored look very well. They should shine like a diamond and should exhibit some fine, but not too many, details. Take for example our Delahayes, they are born to look classy, which suits them better than wearing a more patinated look (exceptions excluded!).

On the other hand racers and other tough looking automobiles should look as original as possible and simple (the less details, the better), or as the French say “Dans son Jus”. With this I mean with dirt, rust and all. Even the unoriginal cars, if you patinate them, are just magnificent! By the way, patinating cars is a very nice subject to get back to in another article, as well as the differences between replicas, recreations, etc, etc!

The cars that were exhibited at the lovely estate of Lyngsbækgaard were very photogenic, some fine and handsome photomodels!



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