So, let’s get into some other fine cars in the auction that caught my attention!

I really enjoyed the 1927 Bentley 6,5 liter ‘Bob-tail’. This 6,5 liter Bentley is only one of 20 with the exclusive 11 foot short wheelbase. The re-bodied chassis looks rough and impressive. Its engine was entirely refurbished and the chassis dismantled, stripped and repainted. Sold for €963,510 (DKK 7,187,500).

Since I did the article about the incredible Louwman 500K Special Roadster, the Butcher’s car, I love the 500K and there was one present at the auction. It used to be a Sindelfingen Cabriolet C which was re-bodied into a Special Roadster by expert German restorer Franz Prahl, in the style of Sindelfingen. Under the hammer for… Continue reading

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