Let’s first finish the older selection with the Edwardians. How are those vehicles doing in the current market, and how wanted were they in the Grand Palais?

The 1914 Renault 22CV Type EE Limousine with coachwork by Letourneur et Marchand did not go for €180,000 – 240,000. That same year the 1914 Adler 35/80hp Phaeton was built, and it is a sole survivor of only four made! Not rare enough as it didn’t go for the estimate of €130,000 – 160,000. Again, from the same year was the 1914 Peugeot 14hp Type 144A ‘Coloniale’ Tourer, which sold for €34,500. But it was a no go for the 1906 Ford Model N Cabriolet. An estimate of €25,000 – 35,000 seemed too much. The 1912 Clément-Bayard AC4A 10hp Tourer had been owned since 1958 until the moment in Paris, when a new owner had €26,450 in his pocket and spent it. The 1913 Renault DG Tourer was again another woody goody in the wheels and did sell for €41,400, also a new owner after a long time… The previous ownership had been since 1968. Hard to tell if they are really that high in demand, since it was a bit of a mixed bag here… Anyway, I think they didn’t do too badly and fetched very reasonable prices.

Now the real treat for me… Continue reading



The last spectacle of the Parisian week starts with a little war… The day before the Bonhams auction in the Grand Palais the party already took off and since Mr. Brown ‘from London town’ and his wicked friends chose this auction over the RM one, I followed. However, before we arrived at the Grand Palais we ended up in a taxi war. Since the fake Uber taxis are not appreciated by the official ones, the official taxis parked their cars in the middle of the roads and left them there as a protest. Were we glad that we were fit enough to simply walk and not spend hours in a taxi!

The Grand Palais is incredible, just look at the view of the roof construction. I saw something even better then stars… Continue reading 



Since we were now in the barn find corner, I spotted another ‘dans son jus’. This was again a very special experience, because I saw two different worlds… On the left we see a Porsche 356 AT2 in excellent condition, while on the right we see the true ‘dans son jus’ 356. This is something that impressed me, and what you don’t see very often. Most special cars in this show I saw double or even triple, and I was not stoned! I saw a discrete ‘dans son jus’ E-Type between the other well restored E-Types on the stand of E-Type Center Europe. The ‘dans son jus’ look is something I really appreciate, and I hope we all will continue preserving rather than restoring everything to the finest detail. Although some cars can handle that perfectly restored look very good… like for instance our Delahaye 135M Chapron convertible super star.

Just around the corner, I saw an unfinished Mercedes 190 SL, a super sexy car that caught my attention. In the same corner, I saw a 1958 Porsche 356 A Cabrio, which told my to mint (mint green…) my own business. Well, sometimes you also meet cars with a grumpy attitude… I wonder if you must first complete a study to become a Porsche expert, because… Continue reading


Just some other POTWs! Denmark was a wonderful trip for me and to return some of those lovely memories… We take a look at the Frederiksen collection that was to be auctioned by Bonhams in some more detail! For sure the automobiles were looking very Pebble Beach worthy, but if we look at those cars thru a different eye… the eye of my camera, the lens! To me, when I look back at the pics I made, the best ones are those of the details! To get to the point, details can make or break a car!

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Some 3700 kms later (last week)… Excuse-moi, I had a very busy week with all those FANTASTIC events, so forgive me that I didn’t publish as much as I used to… Lets get back to business, get ready for some nice reports!

The other GREAT surprise I have in store for you (after the Frederiksen auction) is the invitation to the Strøjer Museum by Jørgen Strøjer! First of all this was a VERY pleasant surprise for me as I was incredibly happy to get to know the new owner of the Hispano-Suiza H6C Kellner cabriolet de ville that is so special to me. I always say that things work out as they should… Continue reading


So, let’s get into some other fine cars in the auction that caught my attention!

I really enjoyed the 1927 Bentley 6,5 liter ‘Bob-tail’. This 6,5 liter Bentley is only one of 20 with the exclusive 11 foot short wheelbase. The re-bodied chassis looks rough and impressive. Its engine was entirely refurbished and the chassis dismantled, stripped and repainted. Sold for €963,510 (DKK 7,187,500).

Since I did the article about the incredible Louwman 500K Special Roadster, the Butcher’s car, I love the 500K and there was one present at the auction. It used to be a Sindelfingen Cabriolet C which was re-bodied into a Special Roadster by expert German restorer Franz Prahl, in the style of Sindelfingen. Under the hammer for… Continue reading


The big day last week was the day of the Frederiksen Auction at the lovely estate of Lyngsbækgaard in Denmark. An auction without any Porsches or Ferraris… just unbelievable! That is why a lot of vintage petrol heads must have looked forward so much to this event! A huge collection went under the hammer with many RRs (which Henrik Frederiksen obviously loved!) and mostly English, American and German marques. Almost the entire collection consisted of cars restored to the finest detail, but some had new bodies. Also several fine original cars crossed the blue catwalk. Not many French cars, except that FANTASTIC Hispano-Suiza (also two Citroens – a DS23 Pallas and SM coupe – also a Renault V-1 20/30 Cape Top Victoria)! The Auctioneer, Malcolm Barber, did a great job with all his jokes. Another thing… the weather was really great!

The highlights of this auction were definitely the the ex-Maharaja of Patiala 1933 Maybach DS-8 Zeppelin Cabriolet, which achieved a highest bid of a hefty… Continue reading


This extraordinary ‘Swan Car’ – a 1910 Brooke 25/30 HP – is just all about madness! A bizarre peace of art with its very special and FUN gadgets! Possibly the first concept car in the world! The car was built by JW Brooke and company in Lowestoft, England. It was a combination of both car and boat, which was what the Brooke’s manufactured. By the way it must have cost more than three times a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost…! By now it’s just priceless!

The special one-off vehicle was commissioned by the wealthy ‘mad hatter’ (Alice in Wonderland term) Robert Nicholl Matthewson from Scotland. The genius wasn’t bored when he placed the order for the swan car, but wanted to… Continue reading


After Artcurial’s auction of the wrecks from the Baillon collection last February, Bonhams will sell end September the incredible collection of 48 cars from the Frederiksen collection. This time not a heavily neglected collection, but a ‘PERFECT’ one, with emphasis on perfect!
Watching the video it seems that Henrik is not entirely sure about his decision… He literally said this when he saw his collection for the very first time lined up outside his wonderful property; “So maybe I should cancel it, to sell, because… Continue reading