I must make a confession while it is still 2015. I found something hidden in a church, a church find! Who doesn’t dream about finding a sleeping beauty hidden under dust and behind broken windows. I know you are a barn find junk too, so I need your help. Who can tell me which car this is? I looked for hours at the photo, but I can’t discover what it is.

But let me first tell you a nice and exciting story which will give you so much adrenalin, like I felt that moment. I was doing a prep drive with a friend just before the 100 Miles of Amsterdam when the friend told me about a place he knew with a mass of barn finds… Continue reading


    1. Thanks for your comment Jason! Maybe a bit close to a Packard. It brings me back to the beginning, no clue what it is, do you? Nice website you have btw : )


    1. Thanks for your comment, I found out that Packard is probably wrong, some readers thought it was… It still is hard to identify this one, but maybe it is a 1929-30 Graham Paige. I hope that one day I can confirm! 🙂


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