As I mentioned yesterday in the Chantilly report we had to deal with a flat tyre while driving to the concours… on the side of the motorway! Luckily we had brought some great tooling with us. To release the wing nut of the wire wheel most people use a (copper) hammer. Of course you need to know which direction the nut will release (left or right) on each side of the car. If you have a really bad day, the nut or spokes, or even the wing, can get badly damaged by the hammer. But there is a solution for this! The torque wrench is an incredible tool to loosen the wing nuts safely, but also tighten them back again in a very optimal way with a central locking rim (the correct direction is indicated on the rim)! No damages and no risk to get hurt yourself either.

This GREAT tooling is still quite unknown… Continue reading

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