Some 3700 kms later (last week)… Excuse-moi, I had a very busy week with all those FANTASTIC events, so forgive me that I didn’t publish as much as I used to… Lets get back to business, get ready for some nice reports!

http://crankhandleblog.comThe other GREAT surprise I have in store for you (after the Frederiksen auction) is the invitation to the Strøjer Museum by Jørgen Strøjer! First of all this was a VERY pleasant surprise for me as I was incredibly happy to get to know the new owner of the Hispano-Suiza H6C Kellner cabriolet de ville that is so special to me. I always say that things work out as they should and at the end of the Frederiksen auction I met Jørgen! The auction was already a big happening and even more so was my journey back home! After a stay at the lovely fjord, I started my journey back home. What I love about Denmark, is that there is an overload of hilly winding roads, which are great to enjoy driving your car and put your foot on the accelerator…! : )

http://crankhandleblog.comEntering an island near Kolding thru a bridge with an incredible view, it was time for some more powerful beauties to meet… I first want to tell that Jørgen is an incredible man, who knows everything about his cars! He is a very passionate and highly active man with a great sense of humor. Together with his wife Karen they are happy to welcome you at their fantastic place. My dad (who knows this H6C very well) and I are very glad to know that the Hispano is now in such great hands!  Jørgen told me about his journey home in the Hispano the day before, immediately after the auction. He drove the car back on the road, which I was so glad to hear! He loves to drive his cars instead of only looking at them… After the Hispano had settled down Jørgen gave me a tour around his estate.

My first impression of the Strøjer Samlingen was that it consists of a great diversity of fast cars, classic as well as modern! Most cars have a fake driver, a doll, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and layback – a museum that is very much alive! I didn’t leave before Jørgen had told me everything about his great collection, including his James Bond collection, with the coolest table ever (when he bounced on the table with his fist a minibar lifted up from the middle of the table)! It was a big pleasure to see someone who cares so much about his cars and is so passionate about them, the best people to be around, right?http://crankhandleblog.comhttp://crankhandleblog.com

http://crankhandleblog.comHe also has a street full of red Ferraris and he also showed me some nice projects and even a huge roadtrain and two very elegant wooden boats. He has something of everything ; ) Not to forget the street of Presidential Bentleys and Rollses, Lambo’s, Bugattis etc, etc! Two racing cars I really loved to see were the Alfa-Romeo 8C 2.3, a Bugatti GP and a Delahaye racer (Delahaye is GREAT)! His E-Type is very gracious like his 300SL. I can keep on telling about all those incredible cars, but another thing which was very cool is that he started the engine of some cars and of course lifts the hood to show what kind of monstrous engine drives such handsome machines ; ) A car I always love to see is the Bugatti Veyron. I know some think it is just another VW instead of a Bugatti, but to be honest… whatever it is, it is a FANTASTIC supercar! Next to the Veyron and GP there was also a Bugatti T46 Coach Profilé, keeping its neighbor, the Hispano H6C, company. I must also mention the massive Doozy (Duesenberg), a true king on its stage! There are many more lovely cars like…, even police cars…, but I simply like to suggest you take a look yourself at Jørgens MAGNIFICENT SAMLINGEN, which you can already pay a virtual visit by clicking here!


http://crankhandleblog.comYet another very impressive experience was a visit to his fully automated brick works, Strøjer Tegl! Incredible to see how his fine looking bricks are made and so many of them! I call that space the Space Mountain, because it smells there like in Disneyland’s Paris Space Mountain… : )

Sadly after another lovely day it was time to head back home. I shall be glad to visit beautiful Denmark again in the future!

Thanks to my comfortable and reliable black beauty, my BMW, I always reach my destination safely, another great friend of mine that brings a lot of good memories. I love my BMW! To thank my dear friend, I gave him some fine new and sporty rims and tires… : )

Next to my BMW also VERY special thanks to Jørgen and Karen Strøjer Hansen. Thanks for hosting me at this magnificent place, I enjoyed the comprehensive tour VERY VERY much!http://crankhandleblog.comhttp://crankhandleblog.comhttp://crankhandleblog.com

Still a lot of highly interesting stuff to come! Last Friday I was at the opening of a GREAT automobile museum, the Vanvooren Museum of Martin Waltz in the South of Germany, which I will report about very soon! The rest is still a surprise, to keep it a bit exiting : P

Written by Rosemarijn Atalate Veenenbos


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