Whether you call it the dashboard, le tableau de bord or even The Office, as some serious petrol heads do, it can be one of the most appealing and attractive parts of any fine Vintage or Classic car. Dials and switches, some of which have functions long ago replaced by more modern technology, proliferate in impressive array. The numbers and letters are handsome; the knobs and handles often suggest that some heft might be needed to… Continue reading


After the ‘street market’ Chapron Delahaye, I also found a neglected piece of Saoutchik lurking in between a Rolls and a Porsche 911… When I found these pics I was wondering what the story of this Pegaso Berlinetta might be. What do you think? A perfectly restored automobile is always a pleasure for the eye, but those neglected pieces are also great! They really show that they have a story to tell, kept hidden under their marks of damage and rust… Click here for more!