Today we will visit Saint-Tropez as we get into the mood of the Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez series! The series features many fine cars, like a 1948 Buick convertible, popular cars from the early 1960s like Triumph and especially two Mustangs, which are these days true icons to many of us! The 2CV has already been featured before, with the formidable nun! (Ah, mon fils!).

The series starts when gendarme Cruchot gets a promotion and moves with his daughter Nicole from his remote mountain village to the fashionable port of Saint-Tropez. The black 1948 Buick convertible is… Continue reading


I forgot to explain the first part of yesterday’s title (AH, MON FILS! THE BIGGEST RACING LEGEND EVER IS A NUN IN AN UGLY DUCKLING). Sadly the video is not as sharp as I like, but this vid explains the title ‘AH, MON FILS!’.

And here is a vid that perfectly shows the drifting 2CV in turns! By the way the nun says to Cruchot “http://crankhandleblog.comJe ne conduis depuis hier” (“I only drive since yesterday”)… hilarious!

I love the white and the bright red Mustang, especially the white one with its great Italian multi tone air horn! A subject for a later CHB article!