On each rally I might make some mistakes, but the most important is that I learn a lot too, and on this rally it was all about the safety concerns with vintage automobiles and the need for regular checking of the brakes, etc. The experience I gain is a valuable lesson and a reminder for you all, especially when this is all new to you…

Luckily the last day of this magnificent rally was very safe, because Tino and Luca had fixed the brakes as well as possible the evening before. Safe enough to drive across the Simplon pass back to Brig. It is very pleasant to wake up and have the view of an amazing collection of cool bolides with the hills of Lago Maggiore as a backdrop, palm trees, and petrolhead friends already preparing their car for the next tour. And then there is the best part! Roaring engines which are just awakening and excited to hit the road again. The most fun part is… Continue reading



YES! CHB is has been visited by all of the worlds continents including 55 different countries! Thank y’all so much! FROM A PROUD CHB!

My biggest dream is to make CHB a great succes worldwide. This last thing already happened! I started this blog less than 2 moths ago thanks to an incredible story of my dad (LA CLINIQUE DES CHOCS AND THE RUSSIAN PRINCESS), as well as a result of my interest in classic cars since I was very young! I really hope that CHB is my future, it already is my addiction… You can support CHB by visiting daily and reading my blog as often as possible. Perhaps we will meet at one of the events listed above in the menu!


Rosemarijn Atalante