The next couple of days CHB will be dedicated to some great Parisian coachbuilders, kicking-off with Henri Chapron! Of course… because we have two Delahayes with Chapron coachwork.

Henri Chapron is definitely a big name when talking about prominent French coachbuilders. His influence can be detected in nearly every custom-built French body from 1935 to 1955, regardless of the house by which it was designed and built. His designs are sober as well as elegant, in an outstanding way. His identity could be described as vanguard, never ahead of his time.

Let’s first take a look at where it all started, how he developed into this profession and how his style and his business evolved… Continue readinghttp://crankhandleblog.com


From Louis de Funès to Louis Réard! I like to share with you that CHB has gained some great friends thanks to the article I wrote about the Packard Super Eight with yacht coachwork by Henri Chapron! See ‘LE YACHT DE LA ROUTE AND BIKINI GIRLS’.

First of all about the current owner of the brand Réard! He plans to re-launch the Réard brand in the summer of 2016, which is absolutely great news. I hope to see a lot of people wearing Réard fashion again soon! It would be even better if the Packard is present at the launch, to add lustre to the event! Who knows if that will happen… Continue readinghttp://crankhandleblog.com


In the summer of 2007 my dad discovered by chance in France this unique Réard in the garage of a widow. This particular car was the advertising vehicle of Louis Réard, the inventor of the bikini.

Réard commissioned coachbuilder Henri Chapron to design a ship-like car. It is a nice story to tell, because we own two Delahayes with Henri Chapron coachwork.

http://crankhandleblog.comOriginally this very special coachwork of Henri Chapron was built on the chassis of a 866 Hotchkiss, but the engine was not strong enough for the heavy car. Therefore the chassis was later replaced by that of a Packard Super Eight from 1937. Thereby the steering wheel was moved from the right to the left.

Louis Réard was an automobile engineer from Paris … Continue reading