Let’s first finish the older selection with the Edwardians. How are those vehicles doing in the current market, and how wanted were they in the Grand Palais?

The 1914 Renault 22CV Type EE Limousine with coachwork by Letourneur et Marchand did not go for €180,000 – 240,000. That same year the 1914 Adler 35/80hp Phaeton was built, and it is a sole survivor of only four made! Not rare enough as it didn’t go for the estimate of €130,000 – 160,000. Again, from the same year was the 1914 Peugeot 14hp Type 144A ‘Coloniale’ Tourer, which sold for €34,500. But it was a no go for the 1906 Ford Model N Cabriolet. An estimate of €25,000 – 35,000 seemed too much. The 1912 Clément-Bayard AC4A 10hp Tourer had been owned since 1958 until the moment in Paris, when a new owner had €26,450 in his pocket and spent it. The 1913 Renault DG Tourer was again another woody goody in the wheels and did sell for €41,400, also a new owner after a long time… The previous ownership had been since 1968. Hard to tell if they are really that high in demand, since it was a bit of a mixed bag here… Anyway, I think they didn’t do too badly and fetched very reasonable prices.

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For those petrol heads who missed the 2015 edition of the Interclassics Brussels exhibition on November 6-8, you might wonder was this first ever exhibition in Brussels a flop or top? Judge yourself after reading my report! : ) I always love to go and see some nice events and to make a report about it. It sounded very special to visit the first Brussels Interclassics exhibition, so let’s take a look at the first day of this new event! I also had the mission of finding the weirdest car of this event, commissioned by PreWarCar, so make sure to check out PWC frequently!

Friday was the first day that Interclassics Brussels opened their doors, a good day to have look at the cars they had collected and see some nice stands! The entry was already GREAT! The original T35 Bugatti of Luc Slijpen was your host while entering the arena of brute HP! : ) This Bug was also a good teaser… Continue reading


http://crankhandleblog.comMah Ha’Inyanim? Today we head back to the gangster-scene! This great Funès movie, titled Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob, is about Victor Pivert (like Woody the Woodpecker) who gets himself into some big trouble in the underworld… By the way Pivert a is great driver, safety at all times, as you can see… Continue reading


Today we will visit Saint-Tropez as we get into the mood of the Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez series! The series features many fine cars, like a 1948 Buick convertible, popular cars from the early 1960s like Triumph and especially two Mustangs, which are these days true icons to many of us! The 2CV has already been featured before, with the formidable nun! (Ah, mon fils!).

The series starts when gendarme Cruchot gets a promotion and moves with his daughter Nicole from his remote mountain village to the fashionable port of Saint-Tropez. The black 1948 Buick convertible is… Continue reading


http://crankhandleblog.comAnd … ACTION! Let’s get into some French humor with the incredible Louis de Funès movies! I’ve been watching all those movies and the Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez series since I was very young and I continue to just love it! And another good thing about these movies is that they used great cars, as well as funny ones, on the set. Not to forget the ultimate French actors Louis de Funès and especially Bourvil, who plays truly convincing as a naïve Corniaud, which… Continue reading


I forgot to explain the first part of yesterday’s title (AH, MON FILS! THE BIGGEST RACING LEGEND EVER IS A NUN IN AN UGLY DUCKLING). Sadly the video is not as sharp as I like, but this vid explains the title ‘AH, MON FILS!’.

And here is a vid that perfectly shows the drifting 2CV in turns! By the way the nun says to Cruchot “http://crankhandleblog.comJe ne conduis depuis hier” (“I only drive since yesterday”)… hilarious!

I love the white and the bright red Mustang, especially the white one with its great Italian multi tone air horn! A subject for a later CHB article!


It is unlikely that you will ever see a 2CV win ‘Best of Show’ at Pebble Beach, but the ugly duckling is for sure a French motoring icon! My parents love this car, especially the 2CV-van is something that brings a lot of good memories to them. Sadly I don’t know any of that because I wasn’t on this planet at that time. The ugly duckling, as it is typically called in Holland, doesn’t have the image of a very appealing car as emphasized by the word… ‘ugly’, but that might just be its power!

People, like my parents for instance, that know this car and have driven it know that this is a very special car and something that no other car can match. My dad can easily enumerate some advantages that the 2CV has… So, go ahead dad, tell us!

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