Italian Passion means nothing less than fierce classics. The stallions are resting and behaving well, but somehow you see how badly they want to hit the road again to roar loudly and catch every car in front of them. There was one holy bull featured and it was such an honor to meet a machine like the…

Some of you have already been waiting for this report, so here it is: the report of the Italian Passion exhibition in Auto World Brussels. This event runs from 3 December to 31 Januari and at the same time you can see the standard collection of Auto World, which has the best of Belgian marques on show. All great, but… Continue reading



http://crankhandleblog.comAs you may have noticed, I wrote about the cute yellow Autobianchi canary in the article ‘LE CORNIAUD GANGSTER – UN CAPOLAVORO FRANCESE!’ Now there is one for sale! Isn’t she cute, this little white beastie Autobianchi?

If you have a wife or girlfriend who isn’t interested in cars, just give her this designer’s ladies handbag from Italy! Let me know in the comments below if yr partner wants this Italian wanna-have!


http://crankhandleblog.comAnd … ACTION! Let’s get into some French humor with the incredible Louis de Funès movies! I’ve been watching all those movies and the Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez series since I was very young and I continue to just love it! And another good thing about these movies is that they used great cars, as well as funny ones, on the set. Not to forget the ultimate French actors Louis de Funès and especially Bourvil, who plays truly convincing as a naïve Corniaud, which… Continue reading